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Autoclaves - Steam Sterilizer

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Systec GmbH Labor-Systemtechnik was founded in 1994. It develops, manufactures and markets laboratory autoclaves (steam sterilizers) and media preparators throughout the world. Intran Technologies is the sole distributor for Systec in Malaysia.

Vertical autoclaves - VX, VE & VB Series
Bench-top autoclaves - DX, DE & DB Series
A new dimension in technology and design. Specially developed for sterilization in the laboratory, processes become easier, safer, more precise, more reproducible and validatable.

Double-door autoclaves - 2D Series
Includes all the technological advantages of the D-series but with two hatch doors. Specially designed as a sterilization and two-way lock for biological safety labs and clean rooms in the lab and production plant.

Media Preparators - MP Series
Prepare and sterilize microbiological media. Fast, accurate and easy to handle.

Large Volume Systems - H Series (300 - 600L)
Up to 100 number of sterilization programs and an integrated memory for data backup of up to 10,000 sterilization cycles.

From the sterilization chamber separated steam generator integrated into the housing X X
Extension of temperature and pressure to 150C/5bar (only for sizes 65-150) O O O
Number of sterilization program 25 12 4 100
Touchscreen Operation X
Password secured access right for parameterization and for further security relevant interventions X X X
Connection to external steam supply X
Pre-programmable automatic door opening at the end of a program X X X
Additional PT-100 temperature sensor in the condense exhaust X X
Rapid cooling O O O
Pre- and post- vacuum O O
Air exhaust filtration O O O
Drying 'Superdry' (only in conjunction with an optional vacuum system) O O
RS323 and RS485 for external data transfer (network-compatible) X X X
PC-Software for extensive documentation (network-compatible) O O O
Internal memory for documentation of up to 500 sterilization cycles X X X
Integrated SD-Card Slot inclusive SD-Card (1024MB) for data backup of up to 10,000 sterilization cycles and for transmission of process data to a PC via SD-Card reader O O O
Start by clock, timer for programmable start time X X X
Steam exhaust condensation, water cooled, thermostatic controlled X X X
"Autofill" - automatic de-mineralized water feed for steam generation X X X
Special program for waste sterilization with pulsed heat-up for more efficient air exhaust X X X X
Temperature holding function after the end of program for liquids X X X
Validation port X
Special program for Durham-Tubes X X X
Housing and basic frame construction out of corrosion resistant stainless steel X X X X
Prepared for subsequent rapid cooling installation X X X
Prepared for subsequent installation of vacuum system X X
Prepared for subsequent drying installation X X
Calculation of FO value X X X
Further options / special programs (on request)
Special accessories like baskets and inserts, lifting devices and wheels, available on request
X - Standard
O - Optional