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Live Cell Imaging

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In recent decades, tremendous advances have been made in our understanding of them molecular biology of life. This has impacted the pharmaceutical industry such that individual genes, protein binding sites, and chemical/biological structures can now be identified and targeted to develop improved therapeutics.

However, a major technological challenge remains to investigate how the complex interactions of these individual components result in clinically relevant behaviors.

CellASIC addresses this bottleneck by providing precise microfabricated environments to improve the functionality of cell-based experimentation.

Advanced Microfluidic Cell Culture
Our mission is to provide groundbreaking microfluidic solutions to advance your research. We strive to deliver the highest quality leading-edge products, and to work closely with our customers to ensure that your scientific goals are achieved. CellASIC continues to lead the way in microfluidic cell culture technology with a strong commitment to innovation, accessibility, and value.