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Overview of Lab Furnaces
  • Chamber furnaces for fast firing KC
  • Laboratory furnaces L
  • Ovens and dryers S
  • Laboratory ball grinders MKL
  • Chamber furnaces with atmosphere circulation PP
  • High-temperature furnaces VP
  • Laboratory muffle furnaces LMH
  • Laboratory furnaces LH
  • Vertical laboratory muffle furnaces LMV
  • Hardening laboratory table SKM
  • Laboratory gradient furnaces SP
  • Laboratory tube furnaces LT
  • Assay furnace for precious metal analysis KL
  • Calcining furnace with rotating retort KR
  • Hardening furnaces PK
  • Hardening furnaces with gastight retort PKR
  • Hardening furnaces with gastight retort and circulation PKRC
The dryer is suitable for drying, vulcanizing, preheating and curing, as well as for the drying and curing of surface layers and modiiications of various materials in plastic, rubber, automotive, glass ceramic, the electric industry and more.
Laboratory Tube Furnaces
Special laboratory and research uses. All stainless steel design.

Premium insulation material.

Low electricity consumption , quick rise to the required temperature.
Laboratory Furnaces
These furnace are suitable for all laboratory tests in medical, dental, hygienic, industry , ceramic, glassmaking and other workplaces.

Also suitable for technological testing where a very precise temperature distribution and a dynamic progress of the temperature curve are required
Laboratory Muffle Furnaces
Furnace are used in laboratory for the heat treatment testing of various samples, where aggressive fouling can occur.

Rust resistant construction, an attractive design, a draft prevents the evaporation of vapors at tiring and markedly decreasing the temperature of the mantle, a perfect display of the temperature and etc.
Universal Carburizing & Hardening line

This line is suitable for heat and chemical-heat treatment of metal parts
Continuous Drying Furnace

This continuous furnace is suitable for compressive composite vessel curing till maximum temperature 120C and capacity inside the furnace
Shaft furnaces

Shaft furnace are suitable for heat treatment of bulky and heavy
Electric tilting melting furnaces

This furnace are suitable for melting subsequent possibility of tilting and over pouring of hot melt into the transport pan or transport holding for subsequent treatment
Bogie-hearth chamber

Bogie Heart furnace are suitable for all industrial and glass technologies where a very precise temperature distribution and dynamic progress of temperature curve are required with managed cooling system using to open furnace on temperature