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Steroglass is a manufacturing, sales and technical service Company for equipment intended to industrial, food, environmental chemistry, diagnostics, biotechnology, pharmaceutical laboratories and applications.

Steroglass has built its name on state-of-the-art analytical systems, customized upon request, and high quality products ranging from essential equipment to accessories that have given the company a reputation of innovation and reliability.

  • Innovative design
  • Safety protective hood
  • Exclusive sealing system (no maintenance required, no gaskets needed)
  • Dedicate software with touch screen control panel
  • Quick evaporation
  • Total solvent recover
  • Simple flask assembly
  • Electronic lifting
  • Multi-language software

The following are technical innovations applied to the construction of the Strike 300 Rotary Evaporator making it a fast, efficient, safe and maintenance free instrument

Compact and modern, all controls are placed on the central column to guarantee user friendly and handy use.
The shield is standard for all fittings. It can be removed by the operator and fitted beside the instrument.
Standard powered glassware lifting equipment for all
The touch screen is wide and easy to read. The microprocessor is multi programmable and GLP compliant. Quick start/stop control and parameter selection knob.
System used to assemble the evaporation flask. The evaporation flask is screwed onto the system passing pipe to ensure easy assembly dismounting operations as well as a perfect seal.

The ecological cooling system for rotary evaporators, with a controlled vacuum

CRYOCHILLER has everything a rotary evaporator should have to work safely and efficiently.

As with Sterovac 2 and 3; the pump, vacuum controller and the liquid and vapour reduction traps guarantee the vacuum in the system is always optimal and appropriate to the current process.

At the same time energy saving is guaranteed, together with saving of water (no water pump), safety (maximum vapour reduction) and high solvent recuperation.

CRYOCHILLER is also cryostatic; ethylene glycol cools the evaporator coil and enables constant and extremely low temperatures, but principally it avoids use of water utilities thereby considerably reducing costs and wastage.
  • Better condenser efficiency
  • Standardization of the ideal condensation temperature
  • Faster evaporation
  • Savings in water consumption
  • Reduced electricity consumption
  • Protects the environment:
    • avoids waste of water
    • collects the solvent coming out of the pump, so that it is not released into the environment
    • avoids use of cooiants containing CFCs
  • Safety guaranteed for the user, with guards for all glass components
  • Considerable economic savings compared to the purchase of individual components
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Flexibility: the CryoChiller can be connected to any evaporator
  • Silent: does not use refrigerator compressors
  • Easy to move: thanks to the wheeled base