Glucose Analyser

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Process Monitor
ProcessMonitor provides the solution for a reliable biopharmaceutical production process. Taking advantage of the ProcessMonitor combines measurement precision, robustness and reliability in order to ensure production effectiveness and product quality

  • On-line measurements of glucose, methanol, ethanol or lactate with the industrial proven filtration probe in biotechnological production or pilot plants.
  • Reliable, pressurized liquid delivery system with a maximum of measurement frequency, correctness and precision.
  • User-friendly software with multiple alarm system and touch-screen control. Can be used in cGMP and FDA regulated processes.
  • Complete quality monitoring and documentation.
The Filtration Probe
The filtration probe is designed to withdraw sterile, cell-free filtrate from fermenters and bioreactors.

The tubular micro-filtration polypropylene membrane, supported by a stainless steel probe, is positioned inside the reaction vessel. The filtration probe is sterilized together with the fermentor.

The filtration probe is offered in three versions:
  • Membrane length 125 mm for fermenter with a volume of 50 to 1000 Liter
  • Membrane length 40 mm for fermenter and especially glass fermenter with a volume of approximately 300 ml
  • Membrane length 125 mm with a protective sheat for fermenter with high turbulence to avoid deformation of the membrane module
The flowcell with integrated sensor is suitable for electrochemical detection in HPLC and flow injection analysis.

Instead of using solid materials at conventional electrodes, TRACE coats planar structures with thin layers of electrode materials. The electrodes are integrated onto a sensorship which can be easily exchanged after use.

  • Measuring chambers in different materials (PMMA and PEEK)
  • Easily and fast exchangeable sensors.
  • Low cost and stabile sensorships with long life time.
The automatic analyzer for the simultaneous determination of glucose and lactate in cell cultivations and fermentations.

The well proved biosensor technology guarantees fast and accurate results in less then one minute.

Calibration measurements and cleaning cycles will be done automatically.

LaboTRACE is offered in two versions
  • For the fast routine analysis of up to eight samples
  • Extra large sample rotor for up to thirty samples