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Hot Plates/Balances

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Digital Magnetic Stirrer
  • The is the perfect combination of a heating and stirring tool.
  • The stirrer comes with a highly efficient aluminum cast heating plate.
  • A specially coated layer of protection ensures safe and effective heating as well as high resistance to chemicals.
  • Philosophy made simple, so easy to handle.
  • Ability to achieve quality results fast.
  • It has the speed and power to emulsify, suspend, cut-up and disrupt to yield accurate results every time.
  • Full flexibility as hand-held, post or wall mounted, with H-Stand or Plate-stand support.
Multi Point Stirrer
  • High Performance multi position with 10 stirring position which can be individually controlled.
  • Step-less speed regulation.
  • Speed range 0-1100 rpm, weight 3.2kg.
Vortex Mixer
  • Universal small-sized shaker with orbital motion.
  • Sturdy cast casing, weight 3.4 kg.
  • Speed range from 0 - 2500 rpm.
  • Featuring both "touch" & continuous operation.
  • An all purpose shaker in the diagnostic and analysis laboratory with various accessories.
Autoclaveable Pipettes
  • Designed with fully autoclave-able plastic with stainless steel piston for heavy duty, dependable and long term usage.
  • Strictly, individually calibrated as per ISO 8655 standards. Each pipette comes with a calibration report.
  • Fully autoclave-able pipette comes with Adjustable Volume and Fixed Volume options