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Multi Phase Reactors

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Pilot Plants

Pilot plants and bench-scale units are designed and built on laboratory scale and operate under simulated plant process conditions.

The units and plants supplied cover almost the full spectrum of types from continuous, semi-continuous and batch, dedicated and multi-purpose, fixed-bed and fluidized-bed, liquid, gas and multi-phase reactors.

Besides expertise in bench-scale units and pilot plants, the company specializes in sampling devices, sample conditioning, analytical equipment and computer control systems.

With this competence in house Imtech can offer customers turnkey units with the highest standards of safety and reliability, yet practical and cost-efficient.

Naturally, clients receive the most detailed consultation on all issues of importance.

Further Albemarle Catalysts developed several test methods for Fluid Cracking Catalysts (FCC), which are commercialized by Sotelem and Imtech worldwide on basis of an exclusive license agreement with Akzo Nobel Catalysts (Albermarle catalysts). Imtech offer customers a very cost effective method of studying, testing and improving plant performance. This equipment is particu-larly useful for research and development, for improving processes and for testing catalysts.