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Spray Drying

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Laboratory Spray Dryer
Features :
  • Aseptic GMP Unit
  • Solvent / Aqueous Feeds
  • Co - Current Spray
  • Twin Cyclones
  • PLC / Touch Screen Operation
  • RS 232 / 485 port
  • Capacity Range From 1.5 kg/hr Water Evaporation Rate
  • A Total Plant On Wheels With Best Yields
Our Activities:
Design, Manufacture & Supply of Precision Laboratory Spray Driers and Accessories in allied R & D fields like Pharma, Dyes & Pigments; Food Flavors, Soaps & detergents, Ceramics etc

Contract Research:
Product Development support to develop a particle of desired analytical properties in state-of-art in house laboratory.

Brand Position:
Proven, well accepted global presence with exports to USA, UK & Asian countries with FDA Compliance at International Standards.

Add On / Upgradeable / Compatible
Features :
  • Counter Current Spray
  • Spray Congealing
  • Hot Melt System
  • N2 Inert Loop
  • Magnetic Stirrer/ Hot Plate
  • Mobile Station
  • Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle
  • Teflon Membrane Scrubber
  • Teflon Tube Peristaltic Pump
  • Teflon Membrane Absolute Filter
  • Spray Drier Software
  • US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Software
Built-in Ultrasonic Spray System
Features :
  • Most Versatile/ Reliable/ Consistent
  • For R & D & Industrial use.
  • With Highest Precision - Controlled - environmental friendly liquid atomization in desired nano globules.
  • Produce soft spray with drastic reduction of Over Spray results into the best economics for precious feeds.
  • Least atmospheric contamination.
  • Best atomizing device to handle lowest feed rates.
  • A continuous assured performance without clogging for Critical manufacturing process.
  • Can select the desired precise particle formation & spray angle.
  • Made from "No Contamination In Process" material of construction - i.e. Titanium.
N2 Inert Loop
Features :

The inert loop is used for spray drying under inert atmosphere of Nitrogen Gas to avoid oxidation of the produce under controlled conditions.

The Functions are:
  • To control oxygen ppm in re-circulated gases to the set desired value.
  • To condense - remove solvent vapors from the gases to be re-circulated.
  • To control the relative humidity & temperature of the gases to be re-circulated.
Teflon Membrane Auto De-Dusting Scrubber
Features :
  • Stabilized Pore Configuration 1 - 3 Microns
  • Hydrophobic For Venting
  • High Retention Efticiency
  • Non Clogging Characteristics
  • Highiy Effective Filter Media
  • Ultrapure - Chemically lnert
  • Compatible With All Solvents, Acids, Alkalis
  • Suitable Up to Gas Temperatures of 2040 C
  • Self Supporting Media
  • Non Stick Nature
  • Can Be Sterilized With Steam Or Bactericidal Solution
  • Washable & Reusable