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Testing System (Energy Storage Device)

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Multi Channel Battery Testing System
  • Flexible Control Types including constant current, voltage, load and power; as well as, linear ramp, staircase, formula and other control profiles
  • Completely Independent Channels allow users to run multiple independent tests simultaneously without affecting what is happening on the other channels
  • Industry Leading Accuracy up to 0.02% for low power applications
  • Current Rise Times as fast as 50us
  • Potentiostaticl/Galvanostatic Functionality enables each channel to run advanced electro chemical experiments
  • Dynamic Data Acquisition allows user to capture data in a different manner for each step based on change in time, voltage, and/or current minimizing data file size
  • Plug and Play Modules for easy expansion and maintenance
  • Channel Paralleling allows users to parallel several of the main channels together to increase the current handling capability of the system
  • Multiple Current Ranges for improved accuracy over a wide range of testing conditions
  • Dual Voltage Ranges available upon request
  • Life Cycle Testing
    BT2000 can perform charge/discharge cycling of multiple cells or batteries simultaneously to obtain charge and discharge capacity, energy, DC internal resistance, and other valuable information.
  • Device Simulation
    BT2000 allows the user to input collected dynamic device performance information (current, voltage, power vs. time) and the system will charge/discharge according to the data. This prevents the user from having to program complex test profiles.
  • Telecommunications Battery Testing
    With optional pulse hardware, BT2000 allows the user to charge and discharge using GSM/CDMA or another user-defined custom pulse profile. With this option, the user can perform a single pulse with up to ten stages or a repeated pulse with 10 stages per cycle.
  • Near Limitless Research and Development Pctential
    With Arbin Instruments powerful MITS Pro software, users can program very basic to very complex schedules using the simple Boolean logic scheduling process
Fuel Cell Testing System
  • Automated Control provides "set-and-forget" operation
  • Advanced and Flexible Software is designed specifically for fuel cell testing
  • Wide Dynamic Range allows testing of different sized fuel cells with the same system
  • High Quality Components provide long life and reliable operation
  • Patented Dew Point Humidifier technology offers the best performance in the market
  • Comprehensive Multi-Level Safety features provide maximum security and reassurance
  • Efficient Electronic Load allows greater power handling within a smaller chassis
  • Components Manufactured In-House allowing for faster turn-around and product Expertise
  • System Efficiency requires less utility than other similarly sized systems
  • "Turn-Key" Design allows user to begin testing upon system delivery without having to assimilate different modules
  • Stoichiometric Flow Control allows users to control flow rates based on proper stoichiometric ratio
Pro Software
  • Independent testing on multiple channels
  • Logical menu-driven programming using Boolean logic
  • "On-the-f|y" moditication of test parameters in real time without interrupting ongoing tests
  • Flexibility to assign and reference many different input and control types
  • Flexible user interface
  • Ability to control and monitor external devices from within the software
  • Software paralleling of channels allows increased current handling and automatically compiles data file
  • Complete data management utility
Dew Point Humidifiers
  • Wide dynamic temperature and flow rate range
  • High Accuracy
  • High Stability
  • Simple and Compact Structure
  • Energy Efficient
  • Fast Response Time
  • Simple Control
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Testing System
  • Super capacitor Testing
  • Electrochemical Testing